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These are the writings, musings, song lyrics and tales tall and small of the commercial fishing industry and the life and adventures that float within it. From skippers and deckhands, cannery workers and deck grunts on salvage boats, from women trying to carve out equality and respect in a traditional “man’s world” to greenhorns and lifetime fishermen, these are their stories in their own words. Many of the pieces are also accompanied by audio files of their authors performing them to a live audience. Many thanks to KMUN radio and Fred Van Horn for their help in recording these performances.

The material you read and listen to here represents a small fillet of what has been caught at the Fisher Poets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon since it began in 1998. If you enjoy this material, you are more than welcome to attend the next Fisher Poets Gathering the last weekend in February. All material presented here is the copyrighted property of the creator, and as such should not be duplicated without permission. All Fisher Poets are invited to contribute to IntheTote by contacting via email.

To listen to the Fisher Poets Gathering performances live at the Astoria Event Center Feb. 22 and 23 to KMUN at 91.9 on the FM dial, or streaming on the web at


HERE is a link to an article in Oregon Coast magazine covering the 2013 gathering.

The 2013 Fisher Poets Gathering will be held in Astoria, Oregon from Feb. 22-24. For more information, go to


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Erin Fristad

Holly Hughes

Buck Meloy

Jen Pickett

Clemens Starck

Poems, Stories and Songs of the Sea


All performance photos on this site copyrighted 2011, Patrick Dixon & Veronica Kessler, unless otherwise noted.